Real Estate Advisory Services

Real Estate Broker, Principal

  • Managing Development from site selection, design, Acquisition and civil engineering/surveying through lot disposition and end-user or builder sales (commercial, industrial, hotel, multi-family, and residential)
  • Land Entitlement issues & zoning
  • Real Estate Appraisal
  •  Commercial/Industrial/Investment/Land/Residential
  • Investor Portfolio Management and Investor Relations. 

Our commitment to you is that we will deliver deal points and concepts to reality in such a manner that will inspire you in the pursuit of more projects.

Initially, the firm served in residential development, commercial and industrial work. Early on our projects expanded in categories to include multi-family, office, sports complexes, amusement, auto dealerships, hotel and other types of zoning.

It was our extensive experience in residential development, builder sales, appraisal, residential asset and property management that lead us into Residential Brokerage. Let our background be an advantage to you in your residential brokerage needs. 

Your needs and wants are our priority when it comes to your home.


  •  Brokerage-Management
  • Development
  • Zoning/Entitlement
  • Asset Management
  • ​Investor Portfolio Management
  • Real Estate Investment
  • Property Management
  • Listing & Acquisition

Landhold Advisors, Inc. was established in Texas in 2001.

Our firm offers over 37 years of experience in Texas real estate with a strong knowledge base derived from several disciplines of real estate practice. Advanced, technical aspects: 

the service you deserve

Gary Schragin